The Pillow Lady

Our first Pillow Walk of the New Year. This was an exciting day for me due to a long bout with my health in the past weeks. I am so thankful God allowed the strength for this day, filled with so many encounters and so many blessings!


It was a chilly day.  Barbara, Jim, Sandy, and I met with the pillows to share. Because of the cooler weather we brought blankets, socks, water, and hygiene supplies to share with those we would meet.


At first we thought most people had taken shelter from the weather; not many were out as we began the neighborhood drive.  We were almost thinking we should plan another day. Then we saw Lynne.


Lynne was sitting on a milk crate bundled in a shabby coat as she leaned against the store building for additional warmth. As we approached, I noticed her unkempt appearance, but then I noticed her smile.  Immediately I was so ashamed of my first feelings. I was once as she was, sad, lonely, so in need of God’s forgiveness and His love. I reached out to her, I listened to her story and then I shared my story. Lynne was very accepting, kindly appreciative of the items we gave her.


Displaying IMG_2684.JPGCathieann, Lynne, Sandy


As we talked, other homeless people seem to have appeared from nowhere. Willie, George, Lorenzo each shared with us their stories, each having their want for something better, but afraid to let go and accept the free gift of salvation. This time I asked if we could pray for them right there on the street. No one rejected the offer of our prayers. We prayed for each and asked our kind Heavenly Father to bless them and guide them to His rest and security.


Displaying IMG_2697.JPGWillie Simmons, Cathieann, Lynne, George, Jerome, Sandy


I believe God had blessed me with this urgency to pray specifically with each homeless person I meet. I want these people to know there is hope, to know there is a road to recovery, to know God’s love for them, and to know God has a plan for each of their lives.


Next we met Lawrence, Sharon, David, Harry, Vince, and our regular friend Lee. On our way out we met Paulette, “Oh you are the Pillow Lady”, she shouted.


Yep, I am the Pillow Lady and you know I hope someday to have an army of pillow ladies sharing the love of Jesus. It is not about me, it is all about what God has done for me and through me. To God be the glory!


Love, Cathieanne


The people we met today were Willie Simmons, George, Lynn, Lorenzo, Lawrence, Sharon, David, Harry, Vince, Lee, and Paulette.


“And if you give yourself to the hungry,

And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,

Then your light will rise in darkness,
And your gloom will bec
ome like midday.”

Isaiah 58:10 

Pillow Recipients

Homeless People of Orlando, Florida


Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida


Orange County Correctional Facility


Friends and Families in need


Heart 2 Heart – Women’s Residential Seminole County

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