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When I was lost my feeling of worthlessness was real. Living on the streets brought me to the lowest point in my life. I had failed with so many attempts to recover on my own. The vicious cycle of addiction led only to more arrests. I had no hope, I felt lonely, unwanted, and unloved. Who could possibly love me?


God did. God knew me, God loved me, and God had a plan. My mother and several Godly people were praying for me. Each knew I must make my own faith journey. They knew Jesus would be the source of my healing. Eventually I took the first step. God was there with open arms of love and forgiveness. How thankful I am for my mother’s prayers.


Barbara, Franco, Marcy and I prayed for our homeless friends today before we started our Pillow Walk Ministry. Today was Franco and Marcy’s first Pillow Walk. God had given us a beautiful day with perfect weather. Many street people were walking about and eager to accept anything we had to share. In addition to the pillows several folk had donated hygiene items and a few blankets. We also shared tee shirts and other clothing items. We are grateful for such bounty to give.


We spoke with a total of 15 people. We prayed with each person and gave each one a pillow and the personal items that were donated for the ministry. We told them of God’s love for them and His tender mercies. I shared my story of how God saved me from the same despair. Change is possible through the everlasting love of Jesus. We shared Hope!


When we returned to our vehicle we noticed some other hygiene articles we had left behind. Franco and I returned to deliver the items. Several of the people had already changed into their “new” clothes. An impromptu fashion show ensued! It was a moment of happiness amidst such sadness.


Please remember to pray for these people. My mother and her friends prayed for me and Jesus had the answers. God knows their needs, and in His time will work in their lives as well. He did for me. “Thank you, Mom.”



A forever-grateful daughter,


“And if you give yourself to the hungry,

And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,

Then your light will rise in darkness,
And your gloom will bec
ome like midday.”

Isaiah 58:10 

Pillow Recipients

Homeless People of Orlando, Florida


Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida


Orange County Correctional Facility


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Heart 2 Heart – Women’s Residential Seminole County

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