The Least of These - Matthew 25:40

Today was bittersweet for us.  Due to illness, it was the first time that Cathieann did not go out with us.  My fleshly self wondered if we could make it without her.  But, each time we go out, we pray that God would be at work, and that He would pick the people he wants us to encounter.  The bitter part was that Cathieann could not come.  The sweet part was the way we saw God at work!  We handed out 15 pillows, lots of toiletires, water and snacks.  


The lady in the picture was named Darlene.  She was so engaging and friendly and appreciated everything we could offer her.  Like many homeless people, she was very discouraged about being on the streets.  We try to give these people hope in the name of Jesus.  


One of the best parts of the morning was when we ran into Jillian again.  We first encountered Jillian about 3 months ago.  We felt an instant connection with her.  Her son had committed suicide recently and she was very sad.  In her words, "I am homeless by choice, because it is easier to do than doing normal life."  Every time we had gone back after that, we would look for her and not until today did we find her.  It was like a sweet reunion.  Marcy and I are going back down on Friday to take her some clean clothes.

It has been amazing to watch how God has put our team together.  Each one of us brings something different to the table and it all works!  Sandy is one of our evangelists.  It was no surprise today to see Sandy up close and personal with a lady named Debbie, who was hungry for God's word.  As I watched them interacting, I was reminded of the verse Matthew 25:40 where Jesus said, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."  


Sandy shared a New Testament with Debbie, and showed her John 14:6, which says, "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father, except through me."  As Sandy shared this verse with her and gave her the plan of salvation, Debbie accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour.  Our whole team was truly thankful for this encounter.


Barbara King


The people we encountered today were:

Crystal, Jeffrey, James Simmons "Bear", Debbie, George, Lynn, Gary, Connie, Ernest, Frankie, Tamira Michelle, Jillian, Debbie, & Darlene

“And if you give yourself to the hungry,

And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,

Then your light will rise in darkness,
And your gloom will bec
ome like midday.”

Isaiah 58:10 

Pillow Recipients

Homeless People of Orlando, Florida


Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida


Orange County Correctional Facility


Friends and Families in need


Heart 2 Heart – Women’s Residential Seminole County

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