The Comfort Zone


The old adage, “it’s good to get out of your comfort zone” made perfect sense to me last Tuesday. I generally stay behind the scene, occasionally volunteering my efforts with The Pillow Project far from the street people. Notwithstanding, volunteerism in any fashion is both appreciated and welcomed, but this time, I felt the nudge to participate with the Pillow Project Street Walk. Nudge? –I falter for a better term; perhaps, push, shove, or jolt would be better applied. Moving from my comfort zone takes considerable effort these days. I tend to be a very organized list person.     (Connie & Barbara)                                       Type A they call me.


-       Orlando traffic, Turnpike and Freeway rush hour traffic - not good.

-       Meeting strangers - quiet, shy, cannot make small talk.

-       Weather, 90+ degrees, could rain. This is Florida, you know.

-       Zika virus, TB is on the rampage.

-       Do we not have a permit from the city to do this?


My list was growing. My comfort zone was getting more and more comfortable. I suppose that is when I realized the JOLT. It is not about me! My list went into the circular garbage file. My husband gave me a driving lesson. I found an umbrella; my immunization records are up to date, and all I needed to do was share Jesus with the people. His permission was all that was required.


Barbara, Ephraim, Gleon, Jerry and I met, prayed and drove to several stopping places where homeless folk generally meet. Pillows, hygiene packs, clothes, sandwiches, and water were shared. We gave all in the name of our Lord Jesus. We shared Hope!


The team knew several from previous visits. Barbara introduced me to Connie. Connie was the first recipient to have received a pillow, over year ago. Connie has a sweet smile and still carries her pillow. “Beautiful Cindy” was seen in the area also. These people all have a story. No one plans to live a life on a street corner.


God has blessed the Pillow Project Ministry in countless ways. Please keep these people in your prayers. Please pray for each team member as they minister. I am so thankful for the time spent Pillow Walking!



“And if you give yourself to the hungry,

And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,

Then your light will rise in darkness,
And your gloom will bec
ome like midday.”

Isaiah 58:10 

Pillow Recipients

Homeless People of Orlando, Florida


Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida


Orange County Correctional Facility


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Heart 2 Heart – Women’s Residential Seminole County

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