Comforting others with the message of hope


Twinkling stars can’t keep you warm

When you’re sleeping in the park til break of dawn 

Watching for the danger that comes out after dark

Lost your job & family—what I called home

Your landlord said “That’s not my problem”

Now I’m shaking; don’t know which way to turn 

Waiting on the first drink to quench my thirst

To alleviate the pain of my trauma in life & losses

Trying to find shelter to get some rest

But nowhere seems safe without a knife-proof vest 

Homeless, that’s what they call us 

Yet no one knows what happened to make us homeless 

If you think we choose this life then it’s you who’s lost your mind 

To suggest we woke one morning and said, “I’ll leave it all behind” 

To live the life of a prostitute, an addict or a drunk, 

To wear the same clothes every day

To sell our bodies like a piece of meat because we cannot cope

To get drunk & and do drugs to try to forget the hurt & pain that was inflicted on me 

Well there, now you have homelessness, making you think that we are homeless 

Because you’re blind and cannot see that a home is where your family is

We may be sick and tired; we may be down and out

But we’re still the long lost relatives this world tries to forget 

Homeless people are also the Lord’s people

And we are all family.


Cathieann Ramirez-Soto


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  • All Star (Sunday, February 07 21 10:52 pm EST)

    I work around the homeless in downtown Orlando at Lake Dot across from the Salvation Army. I'm always amazed at how loving and giving you guys are. God Bless you all! You are truly an inspiring Christian role model.

  • Dee Logan (Wednesday, March 04 20 07:54 pm EST)

    This morning while sitting in my living room I am always thinking of ways to give. We are in the process of moving to Georgia and I have pillows that don't have very cushion to them but are still worth sleeping on. The holy spirit gave me a way of helping our homeless brothers and sisters. Start a pillow ministry and give to the homeless. Get others involved in your ministry that have the same compassion that I do. Then I decided to go online to see if anyone had started a pillow ministry. Your website came up first. I was like...look at God. A confirmation from Him.

  • Beau Casey (Monday, March 04 19 09:04 am EST)

    This is such an incredible mission and very inspiring!

  • Ann Anderson (Wednesday, September 19 18 02:41 pm EDT)

    I would like to get some of thou pillow to give to a family that has 4 children that live on the street so the kid have something for there head to lay on i use to be homeless an i know what it like thank u ann Anderson

  • Connie White (Tuesday, May 29 18 09:09 am EDT)

    So beautifully written.... am interested in joining your pillow project. I have a friend involved in your group - she loves it and I too would love to do more for the homeless.

  • Mollie Moore (Thursday, May 18 17 03:12 pm EDT)

    I received one of your pillows as a breast cancer patient at Duke. It has given me much comfort since Jan 2013 & have made several to pass on to others! Such a good idea & I passed it on to our ladies at church for a continuing project!! Blessings to all!!

  • Samuel Ruiz (Wednesday, May 13 15 11:16 am EDT)

    God Bless you and all you are doing for the Lord!

  • Wil (Friday, March 20 15 07:57 pm EDT)

    Your testimony touched my heart. I really hit home for me because as you know I had a sister who had a very similar story to yours, When she changed her life it was too late her body had already
    suffered the damage of so many years of abuse. You are truly a walking miracle. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Mary Webb (Tuesday, February 10 15 12:14 am EST)

    This is so meaningful!You are a writer!Your writing shows your heart of Gold,because you care.You have blessed many lives.

  • Brandie Hammock (Wednesday, January 14 15 09:40 am EST)

    I am homeless and have received 2 of your beautiful, comfy pillows that
    I cherish deeply!! Thank you all so very much for them. Thank you.
    Brandie (my friend let me use her phone to comment)

“And if you give yourself to the hungry,

And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,

Then your light will rise in darkness,
And your gloom will bec
ome like midday.”

Isaiah 58:10 

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